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Got a great Tamagotchi story? A fond memory? Let us know!
Was it waking up to feed your Tamagotchi at all hours? Was it taking your Tamagotchi
to school? The Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. experience is not just about today, but also about our colorful legacy. So, connect with our Tamagotchi community?tell us your story in 100 words or less and upload a photo of your favorite memory. Share the stories, share the fun and get featured on this Website!

Note: Any photos or comments submitted will be viewable on this site.

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“I was on youtube then I saw the Tamagotchi Life channel.  I looked at it and I came straight to this …”

“My angel brings memories of many dreams, and its in my hands again. It taught me how to care for, love, …”

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