DIY April Showers Tote Bag

April 11, 2014

Ah, April. That month of rain showers, spring scarves, cute light boots, and adorable tote bags. Okay, I made that last one up but we can totally make that a thing. Let’s start by making our own adorable tote bags. I have just the idea below. Happy sewing!

april showers tote 12

Materials: 2 pieces Canvas (12 x 14 inches), 2 lining pieces (12 x 14 inches), 2 cotton bag straps (23 inches), printed scrap fabric with various prints, Velcro (2 inches), interfacing, sewing machine, and white thread.

april showers tote 4


1. Before we assemble the bag, we must first create the cloud and raindrops. Only the bottom of the cloud will be drawn and cut. The top part should be straight and measure 12 inches. This top part should correspond to the top of the canvas bag. As for the teardrops, you may cut them in any size you want. Make sure that you iron the cloud and teardrop pieces to an interfacing to make them stiff.

april showers tote 3

2. Once the cloud and raindrops are properly interfaced, position them on top of one canvas piece. Play with the layout and find a composition that you like.

april showers tote 4a

3. Pin the cloud and raindrop pieces to the canvas. Sew to the canvas using tight zig-zag stitches.

april showers tote 5

4. Here is the final look of your tote bag’s front:

april showers tote 2

5. Take this front and layer it to the other canvas piece, right sides together. Pin and sew, leaving the top part out.

april showers tote 6

6. Turn inside out. Measure 2 inches from the top sides of your bag. Use this mark as a guide for attaching the straps. Pin the straps. DO NOT SEW.

april showers tote 7

7. Set aside your outer bag. Now we focus on the lining. Sew the Velcro by the top side of each lining piece.

april showers tote 8

8. Sew the lining, right side together. Sew the sides and bottom but leave a 4-inch allowance along the bottom.

9. Insert your outer bag into the lining. Pin the top together, like so:

april showers tote 9

10. Sew along the top, attaching the lining to the outer canvas section of the bag.

11. Turn the bag inside out by pulling the front through the allowance along your lining bottom.

april showers tote 10

12. Flatten and pin the top. Topstich all the way around the top opening of your bag.

april showers tote 11

Pat yourself on the back because you just made an adorable April Showers tote bag!

april showers tote 1

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