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February Sweetheart Styles: DIY Caviar Manicure

February is the Month of Love and that means it’s time to put together those February Sweetheart styles. Along with the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories, a bright and fun manicure can help pull the whole look together! Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. is all about trying new trends, and what better time is there to try something […]


Best Cycling Gloves for Women

Apart from being a cheap form of transportation, cycling is a healthy way to exercise. This is the reason why cycling is loved by many people. Women have not been left behind when it comes to cycling and they constitute a great percentage of the total cyclists in the world. To improve comfort and safety, […]


Best Bike Helmets for Women

Biking is fun and good for health. However, you should buy a helmet to minimize the dangers. With a helmet, it can also boost your confidence and makes your cycling experience even more enjoyable. Helmet is a must buy if you bike on a regular basis. It may be hard for you to choose the […]


Best Outdoor Bikes for Kids Reviews

Having bikes for our kids is very awesome as it gives them chance to exercise while with their friends and keep them busy too resulting to less disturbance to their parents as they perform their daily choices. Choosing bike for kids might be difficult as they are available in different qualities, sizes, colors and shapes. […]


Jimmy Page Net Worth

James Patrick Page, known as Jimmy Page, was born in Hounslow, United Kingdom, on January 9, 1944. His father worked as a personnel manager and his mother was a doctor’s secretary. When his family moved to a new house, the boy found a guitar there, left by the previous residents, and began playing it with […]