DIY: Inspired By Colored Glass

I cannot count the number of times I have had to get rid of perfectly good vases and candleholders because I simply don’t know what to do with them. Think about what’s left after the flowers die or when your candles’ wick is no more….what do you do with all those perfectly fine glass bottles and jars?

Add some color to them and—ta-da!—you have a new place to put pens and pencils or to hold your makeup brushes. I decided to turn three of my old vases into candleholders inspired by my favorite piece of room decoration. Since Tamagotchi L.I.F.E is all about color, I’m pretty excited to show you how I added some color to my room.

I had purchased these from a thrift store before coming to college and it is the only piece of decor I have kept throughout the years. So, I decided to create my own colored-glass inspired candle holders.


  • ANY glass (so many possibilities…revive old vases, retired candle holders)
  • Glass paint
  • Paintbrush


1. Apply tape wherever you would like a distinct border between glass colors

2. Begin layering paint
*There is no wrong way to do this. The paint dries quickly and layers thinly so you are able to ‘fix’ any decision you aren’t thrilled with

3. Allow to dry

4. Remove tape

5. Layer paint

6. Repeat steps 1-5 to achieve the look you want

This is truly a DIY based on individual taste. The best part of this DIY is that you can achieve a ton of different looks based on your color and tape decisions.

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