Best x rocker gaming chair: X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair

Leisure is a treasure. Spending your free time relaxing, watching a movie, listening to your favorite tunes, or playing the latest video games could bring out the best in you. I mean, who hates enjoying some time off the responsibilities, strict work schedules as well as deadlines? Your comfort during your leisure time is the absolute determinant of whether you will enjoy the moment or not.

A high-quality leisure-targeted chair is one invaluable tool that elevates various free-time activities to greater heights. With a high-grade multi-purpose rocking chair, gaming, watching exciting videos, or listening to music could become your most treasured activities.

With that in mind, allow us to bring in the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair; A plush, rocking gaming chair whose excellent build has enabled it to receive a warm welcome from us, the gaming, music, and video watching enthusiasts.

We analyze the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair below.

Best x rocker gaming chair: X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair

Introductory overview:

“Meet the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair, a fantastic gaming chair model featuring in the X-Rocker lineup of undisputed gaming seats. It’s built to provide nothing short of top-notch performance while being as user-friendly as possible.

Beyond comfort, this gaming chair brings you a built-in, heart-soothing sound system, to spice up your free time entertainment in an exclusive way. It’s bright red-black theme is a sure bet in elevating the look of your gaming room.

With these, among its other features discussed below, the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair has all it takes to take you love for video games to a whole new level. ”

Features and specifications:

The construction:

With a gaming chair by the X Rocker manufacturing, you can always be sure of its quality. The X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair is built to last.  A durable PU material is utilized to make its seating surface. Also, this gaming chair features polyester back. Therefore, you can tell that this chair will last long without depreciating.

Ergonomic design-ultra-comfort

Now, regarding comfort, you will appreciate the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair’s ergonomic design.

It’s carefully aligned and angled by professionals to ensure maximum comfort provision to its user. You can now afford a smile as this gaming chair will bring an end to the muscle pain and injuries incurred from poor sitting habits. This gaming chair is well-padded with high-grade cushions.

Furthermore, this gaming chair features well-positioned arms. Therefore, you can play your games for many hours without experiencing fatigue.

Sound Entertainment at its best

Built-in subwoofer, Bluetooth 2.1, side speakers, separate bass and volume controls, RCA and headset outputs:

Your entertainment moments need not be limited. Well, the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair comes to let you enjoy your free time in the best way.  With a built-in high-grade stereo sound sub-woofer as well as Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity technology, you can now enjoy gaming while listening to your favorite tunes concurrently.

Isn’t that amazing? What else could you ask for, beyond a comfortable chair that brings you unquestionable gaming comfort and music entertainment? It’s side facing speakers ensure that the sound output doesn’t irritate your ears or disturb your concentration.

This gaming chair features separate bass and volume controls for easy sound customization to suit your preferences. Even more, this unit lets you play sounds from other external sources as it features RCA and headset outputs.

With all these audio entertainment features, the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair suits being the ultimate leisure accessory for gaming and music die-hards.  Again, you will enjoy relaxing on this chair as you read a book while listening to low, cool music.


Considering your gaming chair’s mobility is crucial. I mean, you need a chair that allows you to shift your gaming adventure from one room to another or even from your hometown to that of your friend. Don’t we all like exploring new areas? The X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair will never disappoint your mobility anticipations.

We love its lightweight nature as it weighs only 46 pounds. Again, this chair features folding armrests. With these traits, you can tell that this seat is ultra-portable. You should manage to move it from place to place with no issue. Furthermore, its folding nature simplifies storage and transport.

Using the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair in the best way

Beyond purchasing the best gaming chair, you will need to utilize it as instructed if you wish to reap the best benefits from your hard-earned bucks.  The manufacturer provides a comprehensive instruction manual to let you set up and use this unit in the best way.

Follow the guideline to the last word. Ensure that you handle this gaming chair carefully to avoid damaging it. Store it in a safe place where it won’t incur scratches or other forms of damage. Again, avoid placing this chair on wooden or marble floors. It’s hard metallic encasing might damage your delicate floor by scratching.

Ensure that the manufacturer accompanies this chair with all the necessary accessories for the best experience. This way, all you bucks will count as you won’t need to purchase other accessories separately. In case you find one or two things missing, contact the manufacturer immediately. You should get a refund or instant delivery of the missing components.

Benefits to it user:

With the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair, you get to enjoy a priceless load of benefits, including-

  • Extreme luxury
  • Music entertainment from a vast range of sources
  • Using this chair for various purposes including reading, watching TV, playing games
  • Elevating the look of your gaming room through its RED-BLACK theme

Customer score:

Overall customer rating: 3.9/ 5 stars

Considering what the current users of a particular gaming chair have to say about its quality and performance is always a critical step before deciding on a purchase.

Customers who have purchased the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair continue to praise its performance as well as the build quality. User comfort, usability by anyone regardless of the age, as well as exclusive sound entertainment seem to be the most important points that the X-Rocker manufacturer hit hard when coming up with this chair.

Many of its users appreciate its luxurious nature that makes every gaming session worth it and memorable. From the customer reviews, one can tell that this is a worthwhile gaming chair that performs as it promises.  However, some of its users took the chance to complain about the unit’s inability to support PS4.


  • Exclusive design- A sure bet in elevating the look of your gaming room
  • Ultra-luxurious- Say no more to back pain and injuries
  • Innovative features- Undisputed sound entertainment with, Bluetooth 2.1, bass/volume controls, cool speakers, among others
  • Lightweight and foldable for easy handling
  • Suits multiple functions like gaming, reading, watching a movie, relaxing


Short warranty- For a gaming chair, the provided 2-month warranty is quite limited. Fortunately, this chair is of the best quality. Therefore, the warranty period should not worry you as much.

It would be great if the manufacturer provided a longer warranty period to let new gamer purchase this unit with utmost confidence.


What is the weight of this gaming chair?

  1. It weighs 26 LBs but the entire package weighs 46LBS. You should manage to use it with utmost ease. You can handle its weight without assistance.
  2. How high is the X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair? Will my feet touch the ground while I sit comfortably on this chair?

The chair sits approximately 7 inches above the ground. Its height is not adjustable. Some people’s feet may not touch the ground. Fortunately, this will never affect your comfort.

  1. Should I always plug in the power cord before using this gaming chair?

No. The featured power cord is retractable. Whenever you don’t need to power this unit, you can always detach the cable and keep it safe.

The bottom line

The X-Rocker 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair remains a smart option for anyone looking forward to taking his/her gaming expertise or leisure in general, to a whole new level.

Its principal selling points include the innovative sound features like the Bluetooth 2.1, sub-woofer, side speakers, connectivity with any device with RCA output or a headset, as well as the easy access bass and volume controls. It provides an actual value for its cost. We highly recommend it.

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