Best Tamagotchi Toy

Charm of 90’s, Tamagotchi Toys, still amuse one and all. These keychain toys are really wonderful if you wanna have some fun when you are away from your mobile phone. Tamagotcho toy have made a comeback recently which is being loved by kids specially.

This ytoy is a keychain which has some digital creatures like dog,cat,dinosaur amd some mythical creatures.

Basically, like in old days hand held games, these creatures stay alive as long as you continue to feed them, watered and played continuously.

Some of the Tamagotchi models have a digital game and prizes for you if you manage to keep the creatures alive.

Best Tamagotchi Toy

So, let us find out which is the best toy for you. We will review some of these toys so that you get some knowledge about them and able to select the best one for you.

Tamagotchi On – Magic

Tamagotchi On - Magic

This Tamagotchi On toy is an interactive pet which allows you to make friends, go for shopping, travelling, and much more. Just feed your pet and have fun with it.

You can marry your tama creature and when you do so, new generation creature (My Tama) is born. This new generation Pet will inherit the features of their paresnt.

Some really interesting things like eyes similar to mom, body shape resembeling with Dad or vice versa. You will have to play it to find out this. You can make a family tree with this.

You can connect with Tamagotchi on toy of your friend and give gifts, go for playdates, marry and travel together. Play the games to win some got chi points which allow you to purchasefood items and some cool accessories.

This Tamagochi On is recommended for kids above 6 years but I am sure today’s kind below that age can also play it as they are much smarter these days.

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Tamagotchi Electronic Game, White/Pink

Tamagotchi Electronic Game, White/Pink

The pet you admired in 1997 is now available as Tamagotchi digital pet with same programming.

You can feed it, take care of it by checking its health and administering some medicines, once finished with bathroom you can flush, clean it up etc.

Once you make your Tamagotchi grow from egg to child and then to adult. The way you take care of it will determine the type of one of the 7 adults available there in it.

It comes with a chair which is easy to take it along everywhere you go.

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Tamagotchi Gudetama Yellow

Tamagotchi Gudetama Yellow

In this toy you will be able to grow Sanrio’s Gudetama, the lazy egg, in Tamagotchi environment. To find out which version of Gudetama you acquire will depend upon the manner in which you hatch it and take care of it.

It loves tomato or soy sauce. To prevent it from turning into an egg dish just play games. In case if that happens just start again.

There are 8 adults version which you can grow Gudetama Tamagotchi and there are 20 different egg dishes.

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Eevee Tamagotchi Pokemon DaisukiĀ 

 Eevee Tamagotchi Pokemon Daisuki

Pokemon and Tamagotchi have come together to introdue this even favorite Eevee Tamagotchi toy.

Like other toys it can also be grown into different adult versions depending on the way you play and take care of it by giving it the food it needs.

It is available in key chain which makes it easy to carry whereever you want.

The only, very minor, drawback is that it come in japanese only. But this Tamagotchi Eevee toy is really easy to figure out in few seconds.

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Final Thoughts on Tamagotchi Toy

So those are some of the best selling tama toys which we thought you will defenitely like. Just let us know if there is any other toy you may like us to review and include in above list.

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