Best Pet Vacuum Reviews

If you own a pet, a great vacuum can make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness of your home. Vacuums that are specifically designed for your pet will allow you to prevent pet hair from accumulating, reduce allergens that your pets bring into your home, and keep down that pet smell that builds up over time. Below, we have reviews of the 7 best pet hair vacuums that we came across.

Pet Vacuum Reviews

We have selected our favorite vacuums that are specifically designed to capture and clean up pet hair. All of these models performed great in capturing pet hair on a variety of surfaces. They are well-rounded vacuums that offer their own specific benefits which we will discuss in more details for you below. If you are a pet owner, we have reviewed our 7 favorite models that would be a perfect addition to your home.

Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum – Corded


We will start off our reviews with our favorite of them all, the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum. Although we found many vacuums that come close to what this model delivers, nothing quite measures up to it when we compared them side by side.

It has all of the features that we were looking for in a vacuum that is specifically designed to capture pet hair, along with a few additional perks that we just loved. Below, we will talk about why we like this vacuum cleaner so much.

The first thing that we liked was its non-tangle brush role. How many times have you used your vacuum and found that your brush roll is tangled with pet hair that is wrapped around it. This requires you get down and remove the hair by hand. If you don’t, the hair will slowly accumulate and bring down the performance of the suction. Instead, this vacuum prevents all that from happening. You will never have to worry about hair wrapping around the brush roll again with this cleaner.

It is very easy to empty. It uses a bagless system that allows you to empty it with ease. To clear out the container, simply hold it over the trashcan and press the quick release button. This will open the bottom of the container and allow all of the trapped dirt to fall out.

The machine comes with a variety of specialized pet hair tools that you can easily switch back and forth using its quick release handle system. This makes cleaning your entire house a breeze. You can go through each room one by one and quickly change the attachments back and forth depending on the hard to reach areas that you need to get to.

The filter system in this vacuum will trap any allergens that it takes in. It holds onto those small particles and, as an additional benefit, it has a Febreze odor eliminator which will leave your house smelling great. It is a great tool to use to combat against that pet smell that so many pet owners live with.

Overall, it was hard to find anything wrong with this vacuum. If we have to criticize it, we didn’t like that it does not have an automatic cord rewind feature. Aside from that, this is our favorite vacuum that we have reviewed. Highly Recommended!

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Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV323)


This is hands-down the lightest vacuum that we have on our list today. Weighing in at a mere 8.8 pounds, it is nearly half the weight of our next lightest vacuum that we reviewed. If you are looking for a vacuum that is particularly easy to move around, this would be our recommendation. It is perfect for people that have trouble maneuvering the bulky and heavy vacuums around. It’s so light; it can be lifted with one arm.

It has swivel steering which allows the head of the vacuum to be turned in and out without forcing you to swing the handle back and forth just to fit it in between all of the walls and corners throughout your home.

Although it is ultra-lightweight, don’t let that make you think it is lacking in power. It has a backless system and is designed to never lose its suction power. It is designed to power through pet hair scattered throughout your home. Even when you have a lot of pet hair to vacuum up, you will not experience a decline in power towards the end.

If there are any downsides to this pet air vacuum, it is that it does not quite pack the same amount of power as some of the larger models that we are reviewing here. Although it is not going to be the strongest vacuum you come across, you shouldn’t have any issues with the amount of suction that it does provide.

To further improve its ability to handle pet hair, they have added a motorized brush that is specifically designed to extract pet hair that has settled deep inside the carpet fibers. This vacuum can handle both carpet and hardwood flooring just fine.

We really love how light it is. If you are the type that uses their vacuum often, we feel the ease that this lightweight design provides makes it well worth the investment. It is especially useful for homes that are multiple stories that will cause you to have to carry the vacuum up and down the steps.

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Eureka Brushroll Clean Pet Upright Vacuum AS3401AX – Corded


This vacuum cleaner is packed full of tools and features that are designed to pick up pet hair, keep the emptying process clean and easy, and reduce allergens using its filter system. We like this vacuum as a good all-around option for any home. As far as picking up pet hair specifically goes, this vacuum has no weaknesses to pick at.

This is an upright vacuum that has an automatic rewind double cord. We looked at a few vacuums that have this feature and we love how easy it made the process of putting the vacuum away. If this convenience is a priority for you, we recommend making an auto rewind cord a must.

The vacuum implements its suction seal technology which forces the air to flow down into the carpet, loosening up the dirt that is trapped deep underneath the fibers. This helps provide a deeper clean than a standard vacuum would be able to produce. This is great for people that have allergies. The suction seal technology helps remove a lot of the particles that can cause irritation.

As any pet owner knows, the hair that they leave behind will eventually get caught up in the brush role and become tangled. This is why we love the brush roll tangle remover feature that it has. With a simple push of a button, you can remove all of the hair strands that get tangled up in the bristles, freeing the brush, and allowing it to continue spinning at its maximum speed.

Without this feature, you would be forced to remove the tangled hair with your hands. Obviously, this is not something that we want to have to do so we really enjoyed this feature once we discovered it.

Along with the airspeed technology that helps target the particles deep down in your carpet, it also has an allergen filter that helps trap small dust and other particles that it sucks up.

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Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright, UH30310 – Corded


This is the only vacuum on our list that uses bag filters. Although we prefer the bagless systems, we liked it too much to leave it off our list. The Hoover UH30310 uses HEPA bag filters that are designed to capture and trap virtually all dust, particles, and pollens that it sucks up. It also has an added carbon filter that absorbs pet odors that linger in the air.

The HEPA filter traps all particles that are 0.3 µm or larger. This includes pretty much any particle that could potentially irritate someone with allergies. The carbon filter absorbs airborne odors as it passes through the filter system.

The only downside of this bag system is that you will have to replace them from time to time. Once the bag fills up, you can remove it with a simple push of a button and insert the new one within seconds. Its one touch bag release system will allow you to take the bag out and dump it into the trash without ever opening it or touching it with your hands. As far as bagged vacuums go, this model makes it as easy as possible.

This one can handle both carpet and hardwood flooring. It has a brush roll switch that will allow you to instantly turn it off and on depending on the type of flooring that you are cleaning.

Lastly, it is designed with an airflow system that helps loosen and lift up dirt that has sunk into the carpet. As this old dirt is loosened, the airflow drives it straight into the vacuum without causing any additional blowback that would cause the dirt to re-scattered throughout the carpet.

If you are using an older vacuum, this can often be a problem. The older models will loosen up the dirt, but they don’t necessarily suck it all up. Instead, they scatter it around on top of your carpet again. This vacuum doesn’t do that. It captures the unsettled dirt so that it can be directed right into the bag to be thrown away.

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BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Vacuum 1305 with Pet TurboEraser Tool – Corded


This machine comes in at a strong second, right behind the Bissell 1650A as our favorite. It is full of great pet hair-specific features and it is one of the most maneuverable vacuums that we tried. It comes in two colors, red and pink, and helps trap allergens using its filtration system.

We love all of that, however, that is not our favorite aspect of this model. Our favorite part of the vacuum is its swivel steering feature. It has a flexible swivel joint at the base of the vacuum which makes it incredibly easy to move around throughout the house. You don’t have to turn the vacuum handle all over the place just to reach hard to get places. Instead, the swivel head makes this part a breeze.

This, combined with suction channel technology, makes the vacuuming process a breeze. This technology allows it to expand its suction range from edge to edge and allows you to get all of the dirt off along the edge of the walls without having to use specialized attachments for it. By not having to switch back and forth with different attachments, it really cuts down on the total amount of time that it takes to vacuum a room or your entire house.

It still comes with plenty of attachments that will allow you to reach high or hard to get places and it has a multi-filter system that is designed to capture common household allergens, particularly those that would be left behind by your pets.

We really love this model as an all-around vacuum because of its ease of use. If you are interested in our best recommendations but your budget is a little lower than what the Bissell 1650A is being sold at, this is our recommendation for you.

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BISSELL CleanView Complete Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, 1319 – Corded


This is a close cousin to the BISSELL 1305 that we reviewed above. Like the 1305, we loved what this one brought to the table. The only missing feature, and the reason why we preferred the 1035, was its absence of a swivel joint. This made it a bit more difficult to move around, but it was still a pleasant experience overall.

This vacuum is geared more towards eliminating the pet odor that can linger in your home. It has a carbon filter that is specifically designed to absorb odors that pass through it. Eventually, these filters will have to be changed.

The carbon filters are very effective in absorbing odors because of how porous they are. This increases the surface area and allows them to absorb a higher amount of airborne odors.

One thing to watch out for is changing the filter. If you neglect to change the filter, it will eventually become saturated and will no longer provide odor absorbing benefits. As long as you switch it out as directed, you won’t have a problem.

This pet hair vacuum has plenty of other features that we liked. It has a quick on-off switch for the brush roll that will allow you to easily transition from carpet to hardwood floors and back. It also has a filter indicator that will tell you when it is time to change it out.

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Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70210 – Corded


This is a great well-rounded vacuum that is ideal for those on a budget. It is one of the cheapest vacuums that we reviewed that was still able to perform well in our testing. It has a convenient design which includes an auto rewind cord that can extend up to 27 feet and carbon and HEPA filters that help reduce airborne allergens and odors.

This vacuum traps dirt in a bagless system, however, the filters will have to be changed. The filters are used to trap common particles that pet owners will often have present in their home. The carbon filters are ideal for keeping the pet smell out of your house.

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Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

  • HEPA Filters – HEPA filters are designed to trap micro particles that are usually present in the homes of pet owners. If you suffer from allergies, an added HEPA filter will help cut down on the allergens significantly. These filters will have to be changed out after a few months of use. They work by filtering out small particles as the air pushes them through the filter.

Your pets create and bring in allergens into your home. When they roll around in the garden, they are going to carry in pollens and other particles. They also shed dander which can cause allergies to act up. A HEPA filter will catch these particles, removing them from your home altogether. An alternative to this is an air purifier; however, having a HEPA filter present in your vacuum will allow you to reduce those allergens without having to purchase the additional air purifier.

  • Carbon Filters – Carbon filters will absorb airborne odors as they flow through the vacuum. As the vacuum uses suction to pick up the dirt and debris throughout your home, it also pushes air through the carbon filter if it has one. The porous carbon inside the filter will capture the odors that pass through it. Like the HEPA filter, the carbon filter will have to be changed every so often.

Carbon filters work so well because of how porous they are. The high amount of “nooks and crannies” increases the surface area of the carbon. When odors pass through the filter, they attach to the surface of the carbon, causing the smell to be “eliminated”. Once the carbon becomes saturated, it will no longer be effective so it will have to be changes. The pours on the carbon allow the filters to last much longer than other filter types would.

  • Bag or Bagless Vacuums – There are two main types of vacuums that you will come across, bagged vacuums and bagless vacuums. Most quality bag vacuums will have a design that will allow you to easily remove the bag and throw it away without coming in contact with the dust that it has collected.

Likewise, a bagless vacuum should allow you to quickly and easily empty out the dust as it fills up. Both options work well. The main thing to consider is whether or not you want to switch out new bags as they fill up.

Bagless vacuums will typically be easier to empty. If you have a pet that sheds a lot, you will be emptying your vacuum often. As a convenience, we recommend that you look at bagless vacuums specifically as a pet owner.

  • Additional Attachments – Almost all vacuums have attachments which are important if you want to be able to get to those hard-to-reach places. All the vacuums that we reviewed have attachments, but they do vary with their shape and type. Before you purchase a vacuum, look at the specific attachments it comes with and make sure it will be right for your home.

Any areas that you cannot reach with the attachments, will become a place where the old hairballs and other hair, dirt and dust can gather and ball up together. If you want to keep a clean home, make sure you will be able to reach everywhere in your home using the attachments.

  • Overall Convenience – When we talk about overall convenience, we are referring to how easy it is to use the vacuum on a frequent basis. If you have a pet, especially one that sheds a lot, you will have to vacuum a lot more than the average person would. Since you will be using your vacuum so much, it would be beneficial to consider the ease-of-use as a factor. When you are looking through vacuums as a pet owner, look for lightweight and maneuverable vacuums.

Our Final Recommendations

The 7 vacuums that we reviewed above are the ones that really stood out to us. Among these seven, we have three in particular that we liked. If you can afford to pay a little more, we recommend our favorite, the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum. If you are on more of a budget, we suggest the BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Vacuum 1305. Finally, if you want a vacuum that will be extremely easy to use and move around, we suggest the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum.

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