Sarah Neville

Sarah is co-president of Tufts University China Care, a club that raises funds for Half the Sky Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing life-saving medical treatments and long-term nurture and care for orphans in China. In our immediate community, Sarah strives to help local Chinese adoptees connect with their birth culture and raise awareness on campus for international adoption and the plight of orphans in China.

Sarah is also Senior Director of the the Tufts China Care LUX Fashion Show, which raises money to fund surgeries for orphaned infants and babies who then receive pre and post-surgical care in the China Care Home in Beijing. Fundraising efforts have provided surgeries to repair club foot, cleft lip and palate, and congenital heart defects. Since its founding in 2008, Sarah has helped LUX grow rapidly and the fashion show is now among both the most profitable fundraisers and most popular annual performance events on campus. In 2008, the show featured Marc Jacobs and raised $1,100 to help two infants: $800 funded a club foot surgery for a three-month-old and $300 funded a cleft palate surgery for a six-month-old. The 2009 show, featuring Marc Jacobs, Koi Suwannagate, Kate Goldwater, and two student designers, raised more than $1,500 to fund a surgery for a child with a heart defect. In 2010, the show featured Marc Jacobs, BCBG, ALO, and Soo Dee and raised over $3,800 to fund surgeries for two children with severe heart defects. In 2011, the show raised over $4,300 to fund multiple surgeries. In 2012, the show raised $6,300 to fund ten surgeries.

Sarah has helped make the LUX Fashion show and China Care cause very significant on campus through making promotional videos, releasing promotional photoshoot images, casting student models and ambassadors, finding local designer sponsors, and touching the hearts of everyone around her. Not only is she a beautiful person inside and out, but she also works incredibly hard for a very special charity.