Courtney Knauer

She works really hard to create events to raise money for different charities. She is Vice President of BHS Key Club and Historian for BHS HOSA. She is currently creating a Senior Citizens Prom (A Night in Las Vegas) for the local senior citizens home. She is also trying to raise money for Camp Sunshine and the Eliminate Project. She has done many events and raised $1,000 for Camp Sunshine. She is also trying to raise at least $700 for the Eliminate project which will save around 350 lives. She is very dedicated to what she does and will do anything for anyone. She is one of those people that are willing to drop their lives for others. She will ignore her issues to help out a friend and is always there when they need someone or just a hug. She always makes people feel important and will always get them to laugh. She is my home town hero.