Kayla Neville – Breast Cancer Researcher

The past two years, Kayla has helped enhance cancer treatment and prevention. To improve treatment, she has been conducting scientific research at Stony Brook University to help develop a new method of cancer therapy that reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. On the prevention side, Kayla volunteers for the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention methods, and educate others about breast cancer prevention through her Girl Scout Gold Award.

Kayla worked for 45 hours a week over the past two summers on a project that focused on targeted drug delivery to increase the efficiency of chemotherapy. She actively framed the project and developed a hypothesis, and her findings may someday be utilized in an improved version of chemotherapy. While working on this project, she co-authored a scientific publication and even received press coverage about her project.

Kayla also volunteered for the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition for over 100 hours over the past two years, and she described her research on breast cancer development to government leaders to encourage legislation that addresses cancer prevention.

If others did not understand the reason behind the laws, they would not follow them. Thus, Kayla began educating others about her scientific findings and about methods of cancer prevention. The knowledge these people gained about cancer prevention may someday save their lives.

Kayla is an inspiration and works hard in everything she does. She has made an impact her community and in the world at large. In order to help her fulfill her true potential, she needs funds to help alleviate the college debt she will take on as a freshman at Columbia University in the fall. Her achievements are remarkable for her age, and this investment in her future will surely be worthwhile.