Ami Zepnewski (Sensei)

Ami Zepnewski is a passionate Japanese teacher who has worked very hard to help out the community and children affected by the earthquake in japan. Zepnewski-Sensei is the only high school Japanese teacher in my town. She teaches at two schools and has dedicated a lot of her time towards helping her students learn things about Japanese culture. She puts on a Japanese festival every year. At this festival, she teachers Ikebana, origami, and many other fun Japanese things! All out of her own pocket! Last year, her and the Japanese national honor society (club at my school) gave food and other items to the homeless around Christmas time. My teacher has also worked very hard to raise money for Japanese children who were affected by the great earthquake a few years ago. Our Japanese class sold wristbands that had the date of the earthquake in order to raise money. She has also worked very hard to send many of her students to Japan. I hope that after reading this, you can understand why I think she deserves something like this!