1) Emerald Green
As the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013, emerald green has been taking over everything from clothing to shoes. With spring in full bloom, this vibrant color is the ultimate spring shade. To make this color pop, wear it with neutrals such as black, white, taupe and gray. If you’d like to opt for prints, try bold patterns such as stripes, polka dots and florals.
Photo Credit: Akira Heart Cutout Flare Dress, $37 (ShopAkira.com)
2) Thin Rings
Take a break from last year’s statement jewelry with this season’s trend of dainty skinny rings. The thin metal band is perfect for accenting an outfit without taking away from the overall look. You easily incorporate your own personal touch, thanks to the chic simplicity of this type of ring. If you’d like something a little more bolder, try wearing multiple thin rings on the same hand for an edgy touch.
Photo Credit: New Look 4 Pack Silver Peace and Love Charm Rings, $6 (NewLook.com)
3) Watercolor Prints
Patterns that emulate watercolor paints have a delicate and whimsical look, so it’s no surprise that this trend is spreading quickly. The artistic nature of watercolors can add a laid back, cheerful vibe to even the most basic outfits. When styling watercolor prints, wear simple jewelry in coordinating colors to let the garment do the talking.
Photo Credit: Liz Clairborne Cloud Scoop Woven Tee, $30 (JCPenney.com)
4) Florals
Flower prints and motifs will always have a place in fashion. Come spring time, floral patterns are an absolute must have. An appropriate color palette for the season would include bright shades and pastels. If floral prints are a bit too much for you, tone it down with flower earrings or a patterned clutch. Regardless of your taste, florals can add that spring touch to any ensemble.
Photo Credit: Green Enamel Stud Earrings – Pastel, $8 (Target.com)
5) Ombre Shorts
Interestingly enough, ombre has been a trend that has been around for several seasons. This year, it’s all about the dip dyed denim shorts. From white to denim, you can find shorts featuring a bright color suits your style. Whether you’re lounging at the pool or attending this year’s music festivals, ombre shorts are a great fun way to stay cool and fashionable.
Photo Credit: 2B Dip Dye Denim Short, $21 (Amazon.com)
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I cannot count the number of times I have had to get rid of perfectly good vases and candleholders because I simply don’t know what to do with them. Think about what?s left after the flowers die or when your candles? wick is no more?.what do you do with all those perfectly fine glass bottles and jars?

Add some color to them and?ta-da!?you have a new place to put pens and pencils or to hold your makeup brushes. I decided to turn three of my old vases into candleholders inspired by my favorite piece of room decoration. Since Tamagotchi L.I.F.E is all about color, I?m pretty excited to show you how I added some color to my room.

I had purchased these from a thrift store before coming to college and it is the only piece of decor I have kept throughout the years. So, I decided to create my own colored-glass inspired candle holders.


  • ANY glass (so many possibilities?revive old vases, retired candle holders)
  • Glass paint
  • Paintbrush


1. Apply tape wherever you would like a distinct border between glass colors

2. Begin layering paint
*There is no wrong way to do this. The paint dries quickly and layers thinly so you are able to ?fix? any decision you aren?t thrilled with

3. Allow to dry

4. Remove tape

5. Layer paint

6. Repeat steps 1-5 to achieve the look you want

This is truly a DIY based on individual taste. The best part of this DIY is that you can achieve a ton of different looks based on your color and tape decisions.

Blog Post By: Keanne Okabayashi, Los Angeles, California

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A bouquet of flowers are nice to look at but a bouquet of cake and Rice Krispie pops are pretty to look at it AND delicious to eat! The good news is that the recipe is easy and versatile, so you can make it work for any occasion. Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. is all about spreading the love and you can surely do so with these pretty and delicious treats!

Please refer to the directions and ingredients listed on the Rice Krispie and Red Velvet Cake Pops.


  • 1 pkg. cream cheese frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • Skewers or lollipop sticks (can be found at craft stores)
  • Red Velvet Cake (Pkg. Cake mix, water, vegetable oil, eggs)
  • Rice Krispie Treats (Rice Krispie cereal, marshmallows, butter)

Follow the directions listed on the cereal and cake mix packages for Rice Krispie treats and Red Velvet cake
2. COOL:
Allow baked cake and Rice Krispie treats to cool
Cake- Finely crumble cake and mix with 2 TBSP of cream cheese frosting. Compress the cake crumbs into 1-2 inch balls
Rice Krispie Treats- Compress the Rice Krispie Treats into 1-2 inch balls
Freeze the pop tops for 30 minutes
If you are using skewers for the pop sticks, cut the skewer to the desired length and remove the pointed ends
Remove the frozen pop tops and carefully insert one stick into each pop top
Frost each pop with the cream cheese frosting and decorate as you wish!

Be sure to let the cake and Rice Krispie Treats cool down before forming the cake pops!

After crumbling the cake, mix in two TBSP of cream cheese frosting.

After inserting the pop sticks into the pop tops, place on baking sheet and freeze for 30 minutes.

After removing from freezer, frost the pop tops as you?d like. This is a great chance to customize the treat for the occasion! For the Fourth of July, follow the same directions, using red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting, and just add blue sprinkles to achieve a patriotic look.

Inspired by: Flower Bouquets

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February is the Month of Love and that means it?s time to put together those February Sweetheart styles. Along with the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories, a bright and fun manicure can help pull the whole look together!

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. is all about trying new trends, and what better time is there to try something new than in the Month of Love? Caviar manicures have been seen photographed on many celebrities and all over fashion runways. There are nail kits out there that sell caviar nail polish for about $25 a bottle, but these nails can be easily replicated with microbeads from a craft store like Michael?s and your favorite nail polish.

First, you want to make sure to pick a nail polish color that matches the beads in case the beads don?t completely cover your nail. If you will be doing a complete caviar manicure, it is important to paint one nail at a time so that the beads will stick before the polish dries.

Once you paint your nail, you want to immediately pour the beads over your nail, using a bowl to catch any beads that fall. If your manicure looks bumpy you can push the beads down with your finger to smooth it out. Be sure to let the nails dry completely before moving around too much so that the beads don?t start falling everywhere! Also, you might be tempted to add a clear top coat to seal the beads, but you shouldn?t because, trust me, it will make the beads bleed color and not look as 3D.

Once your nails are dry, that?s it! It?s so simple and looks just like the caviar manicure you would get from a kit. You can also change it up by only doing a caviar nail accent or mixing two bead colors together. However you do this manicure, it looks chic and stands out ? just like you will this month!

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Do you remember collecting as many Tamagotchis as you could get your hands on, as a kid? In the upcoming app, you can unlock and save original Tamagotchi shells to your collection and finally get the entire Tamagotchi series all in one place! This app is releasing very soon, keep checking back for more updates!

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This new screen shot shows that players will be able to play to unlock new outer shells for their Tamagotchis!

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In addition to the exciting new features, full color, and mini games, the new Tamagotchi app will also feature ?TOY Mode.? Play the original game, which was introduced 16 years ago, and raise your Tamagotchi the same way you did when you were just a kid!

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Never lose your Tamagotchi pets with this app?s new collection archive. Now you can save and collect every Tamagotchi you raise. Each Tamagotchi will be saved in his or her original color, shape and size so you will never forget any of your Tamagotchi memories!

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The new app will feature mini games, like the one in this new screen shot that will allow gamers to play and interact with their Tamagotchi in new, fun ways. The app will be releasing very soon, and it will be worth the wait!

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The original Tamagotchi was first released 16 years ago and took the world by storm. Everyone had a Tamagotchi and loved taking care of their digital pets. The new Tamagotchi app will feature the same gameplay you know and love with a number of exciting new features. Check back tomorrow to find out what they are!

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