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Posted by: bri • Posted On: June 4, 2013 6:17 pm

this past weekend definitely taught me the value of a staycation. you can pack light, easily drive with less than one tank of gas, you can somewhat predict the weather, and you’re back in your own bed before you know it…no security lines and all that jazz. it has me thinking about renting an apartment in venice this summer for a week (or maybe a house swap?!)

we felt really lucky that banana republic wanted us to document our little trip to malibu. they put us up for the weekend, gave us some clothes from their new milly collection to try out and let us plan the rest. pretty much all of my vacations are based on what we are eating next…my favorite part.

first stop: NOBU. just wow. a candlelit dinner on the beach (the water is right below the deck), the best service, and mind blowing food. we don’t normally splurge this much when we eat out but we decided to just go for it that night. absolutely everything we tried was delicious but i highly recommend the yellowtail with jalapeño, the tuna over crispy rice & the bite sized white fish tacos! this is a perfect spot for an anniversary or special occasion.


we are big fans of hot sake too…it’s fun to pour it for each other throughout the meal. arian’s face cracks me up after his first shot that evening…

that was definitely my favorite meal. i always ask arian at the end of the trip “so, what was your favorite meal?” and he always says “hmmm. i liked them all for different reasons.” man, we couldn’t be any more different. ha.

the four seasons is definitely a comfortable hotel…white robes, a big bathtub, and a supremely soft bed. it’s not my aesthetic necessarily, but it’s definitely nice. it’s also about 30 minutes from the beach. the plus side to that is that you get to drive through the beautiful canyon! you can pull over in designated spots and take in the views…

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i knew we had to make it to paradise cove at some point. we came here when we first started dating (i took him here because i know he loves the beach) we also had a meal here with a friend of mine that passed away recently, so it feels very special to go back.

the tables are actually in the sand on the outdoor patio, which is undoubtedly fun no matter how old you are. a bloody mary & a mimosa to start the day off right.

we ordered the “world famous fish & lobster tacos”…i always think it’s funny when they say that. but hey, they were actually SO good that i’ll let it slide. they also have a killer guacamole. (huge portions by the way!)

a few months ago, arian found out that i could throw a football…and now he always suggests we throw the ball around. we took a long nap on the beach (which means sunburn for me and tan for him) and just enjoyed the ocean. remember this post from point dume? we thought it would be fun to go back…

it sure was relaxing….

needing to get out of the sun, we headed to the bookstore in the area to grab a coffee and hang inside for a while. we also had some time to kill before our dinner reservation, so we just drove up and down the pacific coast highway…i am always amazed at that drive! it makes me happy to live in california every time…

we are literally always in the mood for seafood, so we went to geoffrey’s for our last dinner. i love their breezy patio seating. i remember growing up my mom would always fuss about outdoor seating. her face would literally light up if we got a table by some flowers and trees. now that i am older i fully appreciate what all the hype was about. a good meal outdoors can really make your stress disappear. we enjoyed ahi tartare, herbed salmon, lobster ceviche and lychee martinis…

an early dinner means…a second dinner is in order! we took a scenic drive to neptune’s net (a casual biker bar) to watch the sunset and eat some fried food. which really was just a vehicle for my recent hot sauce obsession! and there’s arian air drumming…he never stops!

we decided to just go home and watch netflix documentaries at the hotel and came upon the most epic fog covering the mountains. it felt like we were on top of the world…

before heading back home we dined at duke’s. it feels somewhat like a nice diner on the ocean (a bit touristy, but that’s alright sometimes). you can sit with the windows open and enjoy this laid-back spot.

have you been to malibu? what are some of your favorite spots? -bri

photos by: arian soheili & designlovefest

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